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older sketches

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Older sketches taken from past sketchbooks!  🙂

sketch_live_8_bladouceur sketch_live_7_bladouceur sketch_live_5_bladouceur sketch_live_1_bladouceur robot3_bladouceur robot2_bladouceur robot1_bladouceur man_characterstudy_bladouceur

lady_characterstudy_bladouceur knight_bladouceur kimono_killer_bladouceur horned_beast_bladouceur fourlegged_beast_bladouceur dino_comic_bladouceur creepyclowns_thinker_bladouceur creepyclowns_puppet_bladouceur

character_study_bladouceur character_study4_bladouceur character_study3_bladouceur character01_blad captainjack_bladouceur alley_cat_bladouceur standing_beast_bladouceur

It seems like yesterday…

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Wow… time really flies when you’re busy.

Taking a few days of to recuperate after a long crunch period… and updating my portfolio with the latest images that have become released.

here are a few freelance images I did for a sunglasses commercial for HALOGEN studios:


My collaboration with PSD MAG was also extended last year and I produced tutorials for the following images in the matte painting and illustration categories:


I also gave a hand to the Dominance War -concept art challenge for their kick-off trailer with this quick matte painting:

Some more material on the way very soon…  🙂

Time for a change…

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Just accepted a new job offer.   I’m now lead matte painter for Vision Globale.  🙂

I’m also posting a bunch of new images in the matte painting section.  More stuff got released to the public !


De L’autre cote – a WWI indy film.



Freelance and other work – cartoon “FRITOS” commercial

Ubisoft cinematics – Splinter Cell: Conviction

Online illustration tutorial

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It dates from a little while but still interesting !!

I have a featured tutorial article in .psd photoshop magasine
It’s a breakdown of my (why so sinister – Jane Doe) image…
You can get a FREE digital copy by registering and downloading the pdf file

Assassin’s Creed Lineage and other work !

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Very busy end of year… I can now update my site since most of the work I’ve worked on recently is now released !!

I have tons of mattes and concept illustration added.



New in the matte painting section:

Assassin’s Creed II – Lineage

AC103_001-003_lineage_outputSML AC206-015_lineage_outputSML AC101_070_lineage_outputSML

La Horde

LaHORDE_matte_01 LaHORDE_matte_02

Freelance and other stuff

abandonnedCASTLE_matte_bladouceur WWU_010-030_digimatte


New in the Concept Art section:

Assassin’s Creed II – Lineage

ac2_lineage_concept_02 ac2_lineage_concept_03 ac2_lineage_concept_05 ac2_lineage_concept_06

ac2_lineage_concept_01 ac2_lineage_concept_07


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Here is the latest matte painting I have finished. It’s for a free time group shot made with a bunch of fx and comp artists from the studio.  My contribution was obviously the matte part 🙂


the image is in the matte painting section.

New freelance work…

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Images from the freelance BG work I did on the Alpina Yogurt Commercial have been posted in the Matte Painting section.  enjoy !! 🙂


Why so sinister… ?

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Just finished a new image… posted it in Illustration

It started forming in my head after I finished reading “Arkham Asylum” from DC

Feel I’ve been out of it for a while… it’s good to draw for fun after a long period of intense work.

This is my version of a character found in Arkham Asylum… Jane Doe. Here she would be trying to copy the joker.  This would end badly for sure. The character and universe belong to DC… this is just my view of one of their really cool characters.


FarCry 2 is out !! New material online…

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I can finally post stuff I did for this project (and a few others) over the last 2 years…

New images in Matte painting and Concept art.




Searching for the right color space…

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I’ve added am image to the illustration section….

it’s titled Searching for paradise… a test I did to adjust different color space usage between photoshop and my monitor. 🙂

enjoy !